435: Rob Cubbon: The Freelance Graphic Designer In London Finds His Mojo

Rob CubbonIt’s with great delight that I get to bring on to the Join Up Dots show a man from the UK, who in many ways had a background similar to myself.

A few years back he was working in London on a string of meaningless freelance jobs doing picture research, typesetting and a little design for various agencies.

He knew that he wasn’t stimulating himself, so in 2006 he set up a website to start his own company in an attempt to do some of this boring work at home rather than in a boring office.

And to his delight it worked, and he worked for someone else for the last time in 2008.

By keeping blogging, creating content and doing web and graphic design work for his own clients, his business grew and grew, and then in 2012 he came to a big decision in his life.

His marriage failed in 2012, and being inspired by the words of Tim Ferriss and location independent entrepreneurs asked himself the question “Why am I living in London?”

So since September last year he has been mostly living in Thailand as well as travelling in Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

So does he look back at his life with totally new glasses, and think “Wow, once you start taking consistent action what a life you can create?”

And does he think that anyone can do this, or is their a huge super-talent that he has that no one else does?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Mr Rob Cubbon

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics with Rob Cubbon such as:

How he recalls being the type of person that would sit back and complain about his situation, before realizing that it was actually himself that was causing the problems.

How if you put all your focus into something and go in one direction as much as possible, then amazing things can happen to you.

How he loves the fact that he can simply decide that he didn’t want to work on a sunny afternoon in Prague he can take time off on his own terms.

Why masterminds and having some kind of accountability is an absolute godsend for any entrepreneur, and should be one of the first things that you invest in.

And lastly….

Why it is so important to find something in your life which makes you want to do it time and time again with a passion that you have never felt before. That is how success is built.

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