442: Bruce Van Horn: Training For A Marathon Everyday

Bruce Van HornToday’s guest joining us on Join Up Dots is one of those names that has turned up time and time again in the Join Up Dots history, so it’s with delight that we finally get them on to the show.

He is a man who quite openly states “I’m good at many things, but I know what my sweet spot is, and so focus in on this as much as possible”

And that sweet spot?

Helping people discover their purpose and passion for life.

As he says “When I’m coaching people to put the “extra” in their ordinary life and turn it into the extraordinary life they want and are capable of living, I am where I should be. Actually most of my writing is on this topic because it is my passion!”

And that my listeners is the true mark of building success into your life.

Finding that one thing that you find fulfilling and enjoyable, and subsequently will find so much easier to do to become better and better until becoming the recognised expert in that thing.

But this isn’t just another episode of a life coach that loves helping people as this guy is an entrepreneur juggling many plates at once.

And since 2003 he has also been the co-founder of CompanyBE a cloud based software which was designed and built in direct response to the challenge of running a small business more efficiently and effectively.

So with his talents listed as Author, Life Coach, Speaker, Podcaster, Personal Development, Runner, Dad, and Business Owner he is a man who is in demand.

So when did he realise his sweet spot, and grasp the fact that he could make a living out of doing what he loves?

And is he at the point now where he spends all his time only doing things he loves, outsourcing the things that he doesn’t?

Well lets find out, as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Bruce Van Horn

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics with Bruce Van Horn such as:

How the world doesn’t need another version of someone else, but it certainly needs a bigger and bolder version of yourself.

Why the hardest part of most things that we do in life is simply starting, whilst the second hardest part is making sure we don’t give up and keep on going.

How Bruce found himself at a crossroads in life due to simply depleting his energies by trying to be something for everyone….holding nothing back for himself.

And lastly….

How we can always look back over our lives to find the true gifts from every tragedy that we have in our personal lives.

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