499: Jennifer Williams-Fields: Letting Her History Blow Away


JENNIFER-SITEMy guest today on the Join Up Dots free podcast interview is a lady who has a brilliantly chaotic story, which in many ways mirror so many of our lives.

Things being thrown at us left right and centre, with many of these things not being the kind of things that anyone would have chosen.

As she says “When Katrina hit, I was a mom of 6 kids under 10, in a dysfunctional, chaotic marriage — my husband is an alcoholic and wasn’t admitting that or dealing with it. Because I had lived down in that area for a long while and had been evacuated before (when it wasn’t necessary)  I opted to ride out the storm, until I was forced at the last minute, to leave. My husband was out of town at the time, so I and the kids literally left the house with only the clothes on our backs and a sack of dirty laundry I grabbed at the last minute.  No papers, birth certificates, SSN, toys, school books, NOTHING. From that disaster, I slowly began to rebuild my life, discovering peace through yoga. As I began to rebuild my self esteem I ended up getting certified, and am now a yogi. I dissolved my marriage when my husband refused to get help for his alcoholism, and I and the children are now living in a small West Tennessee town, happy and peaceful.”

Which is a life that could have derailed her, and had her playing the victim card.

Blaming her husband, her situation, or her kids for the life that she was living.

But she didn’t, and instead of playing the victim, she set out on a path where she made choice after choice, decision after decision to change her future.

She did the tough stuff, the rough stuff, and the things that probably she wouldn’t have believed that she could have done.

She is now passionate about writing, yoga, travelling, public speaking and being a fabulous single mum to six super kids.

She is appearing on TV, on podcasts, and radio and is showing the world how to be fabulous.

Her life is a sort of organized chaos, and she loves every minute of the craziness and is grateful for all she’s learned along the way.

So when did she make the decision to start making decisions and taking responsibility for her future and happiness?

And is it something that she only managed, because she was used to dealing with hardship and obstacles?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Jennifer Williams-Fields.


Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics with Jennifer Williams Fields such as:

Why she needed a natural disaster to finally start making movements towards the life that she wanted as an author.

How she feels that there is always time in someone’s life to start working towards something. Late at night, early mornings it doesn’t matter. We have the time.

How the bad things in life are the true learnings, and how we should always look to find the gifts within those times instead of running from them.

And lastly….

How even though her life is chaotic she knows in her heart of hearts that she will miss it when the kids leave home and she is an empty nester.


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