Podcast 646: Free Business Coaching: Question & Answers Session

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Friday CoachingTodays show is a coaching  based episode whereby David Ralph, the host of Join Up Dots, and founder of Dream Starters Academy Coaching answers listeners questions directly.
He will also spend time reflecting on what occurred in his show in 2016, and his plans going forward,
This is a no holds bared version of the show, that will cover the following subjects:
I have a car detailing business and I was wondering if I should get a web presence. I have always been a business card kind of guy? – Dennis Fieldman, USA
I am loving Snapchat, are you on it David, and if not why? – Carol Pearson, New Zealand
Every year I start with all the enthusiasm in the world to start a new business and change my life and by end of January I lose my way. What am I doing wrong? – Baird Rimmer
Do you think its important to chase influencers in your field, or not? – Maxwell Harding, UK
I heard your last coaching show and loved it. Why have you just started doing it? – Anne Harding UK
I am starting to build my email list…do you have anytips on how to do this? – Jerrry McShriner


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