A Very Merry Christmas To All My Listeners Have An Amazing Time

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PodcastThis is going to be a very short episode of Join Up Dots as hey I guess that most of you are up to your neck in wrapping paper and turkey.

So why would you stop to listen to a podcast episode from a guy in the UK?

Well i hope that you do, as there are something that I need to share with all my listeners across the world.

You see, without you guys lending me your ears, connecting with us on FB,  dropping us a line like you do then I dont think I would have the passion to keep going day after day.

Building a business is very tough, and we wall need the support of others to help us through the dark times and to push us on to achieve greater and greater success with our ventures.

And that is what I get from you all.

Seeing the download figures increase month on month.

Seeing the changes that are occuring in lives across the world.

And getting told that Join Up Dots has made a huge difference in the way that you think about your future is the greatest present I could ever hope to get.

And best of all, I dont have to wait until Xmas to get them either.

I suppose what I am saying is because of your guys, everyday in Join Up Dots world is Xmas and I am so totally grateful and humble for what you provide me.

So thank you so much for being a listener.

Thank you so much for allowing me to do what I love doing.

And thank you to everyone that looks around themselves at Xmas and realises that if you are able to listen to a podcast, or read a website then you are in a better position to get the dream life than most people in the world today.

Happy Xmas everybody and have the best time you can possibly have





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