Are You Addicted To The Internet And Struggle To Escape From It’s Clutches?

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AddictionTodays show on Join Up Dots is a solo show where your host David Ralph talks about his internet addiction, and the steps he is taking to break free from this common daily occurrence.

So how many of us out there will put their hands up and confess to being an addict?

Well most of us would say “No…we aren’t addicted to anything”

We are free to live our life away from the addictions that plague other people, because we wouldn’t ever put ourselves into that position, but it’s not true in any shape or form.

As the majority of us are now dealing with internet addiction, where as soon as we wake up we start checking our feeds and notifications.

Well just recently I spent a happy two weeks in the Caribbean celebrating the wedding of  my daughter Alicia, and made the decision to leave all my mobile devices at home.

I wasnt going to think of Join Up Dots, or emails, FB notifications or anything else. I was going to live a life of freedom and fun.

Thats going to be easy to do, I thought.

But how wrong was I.

Even though I am one of the rare people who do not own a phone, or mobile device, I am still surrounded by people that do.

So there i was sitting around the beach and pool, trying my best to switch off from everything the world was checking their phones.

And it made feel twitchy and restless.

It made me want to grab one of their phones and say “Do you mind if I just check my emails please?”

So how did i get to be addicted to the internet?

How did it get to the point, that my stomach churned when I first opened my eyes?

How did I become so “Unpresent” in my kids lives, simply because of my urge to get online?

I have no idea, but in this episode I share the steps I am taking to break free from that, and get my life back on track.

A life when I am not sitting in front of my pc everyday. waiting for the next bleep to occur.


To see if you are suffering with the same addiction, check out this great resource and helpline


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