David Ralph

Sarah Caltieri

Sarah Caltieri: Northern Musician Changing The World

Todays guest joining on the show is a lady who i be honest I am a huge fan of her work.

She is a singer, musician, songwriter, actress and has one the bubbliest characters it has been delight to come into contact with, whilst her album “Something I Couldn’t Say” has been a constant in the Join Up dots headquarters for the last month or so.

Now if you think that this is a story of a lady with talent and the world supporting her to achieve her aims then think again.

Ben Ivey

Ben Ivey: UK Lifestyle Entrepreneur Steps To Success

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Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles In Life & In Business (4 Part Guide)

On today’s show we discuss something that bothers so many people across the world.

What makes a great business idea, that is something that people will love to work and build.

You see its ok to get a list of things that seem great from the outside, but what happens after five years when you are sick of it?

Not good!

So we answer than one, and also we touch on a couple of others from people who also want some amazing business advice from Join Up Dots.

Lets start with question one and of course you will have to listen to the show to hear the answers

Converting Customers Directly

Randy Rayess: Interactive Customer Marketing Direct From Website

Randy Rayess is today’s guest joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots business podcast.

He is the  co-founder of Outgrow, a new way to add interactive content on your business and website.

He also has a very interesting backstory to where he is today

Alongside his business partner Pratham, he started a mobile app development marketplace in 2012 called VenturePact.

This was a site for entrepreneurs to connect with mobile development teams. 

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