Podcast 664: What Is Confidence Truly And How Can We Get More Of It?

Welcome to the confidence boosting Steve Jobs based Join Up Dots Podcast with your friendly neighbourhood  podcaster David Ralph

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What is confidenceToday’s show is a coaching based episode whereby David Ralph, the host of Join Up Dots, and founder of Dream Starters Academy Coaching talks about his week and how he has come to the realisation that everybody needs more confidence in their lives.

After talking to a couple of listeners this week, discussing their businesses and their lives it become evident that the number one thing that was holding them back is the belief that the results that they will get may not be good.

They are unwilling to put themselves into a situation where the work they are doing behind the scenes could turn out to be not as good as they hope it will be.

They are unwilling to test out the perfection they feel that have in their hands.

And that is the problem with perfection…we want to cherish and protect to keep that perfection real in our mind.

But that is not the way that life is, and its certainly not the way that we should be operating.

What is the point in having something beautiful in our lives if we aren’t allowing the world to see that beauty?

There is no point at all.

So in this episode of Join Up Dots, your host David Ralph gives you his view on what makes confidence and how we can take small actions everyday to grow that much needed belief system in ourselves.

He also tells a story about one of the biggest listeners that Join Up Dots has Mr Mike Buckerfield from Wales, and the life-changing battle with Welsh Ninjas that he had this week.

And of course we hit part three of the Gargle Game, the online phenomenon that is taking the world of podcasting by storm



Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics such as:

Why we should all be watching the “Kindness Diaries” with Leon Logothetis on Netflix, as it is a life-changing series of episodes as well as amazing viewing.

Why confidence is all based around taking actions that have a small element of risks attached, and be willing to accept those risks as part of the game.

Why some of the listeners of Join Up Dots are going to be having Stapler Babies by the end of the week (probably naming them after the host of Join Up Dots “David Ralph”)



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