0.5: David Ralph: Welcome To Join Up Dots, My Journey, My Vision, My Very First Show

me-200x200David Ralph is today’s guest on the very first Join Up Dots Free business podcast, and its a delight to have him as it’s…..Me.

Yep, I am David Ralph the host and founder of the Steve Jobs themed Join Up Dots, and today I get to be both sides of the mic, to warmly welcome you to the latest show to hit the airwaves.

Well, actually I’m not sure if you can use the words airwaves, but still…..from today onwards we are broadcasting live to the eardrums of the world.

So it doesn’t matter if you are an explorer from Bora Bora, a banker from Sri Lanka, or a chemist from Venice, then we will have something for you…everyday of the week.

Yep, we are going to be bringing you a new episode to inspire and motivate seven days per week.

And best of all they will be totally free!!

We will be talking to the most motivational and inspirational entrepreneurs, successful and inspirational people on earth.

So what are you waiting for…click on the RSS feed, subscribe like a possessed madman, and sit back as we, well……me actually bring you episode 0.5 (its a baby version of the real thing) of Join Up Dots.

Ps  I could tell you  my story here, but I what would be the point in recording the show!

PPs I’m very nice, but very lonely so could do with the company!!

Enjoy and thanks for listening


Host and Founder of “Join Up Dots”

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