27: Denise O’Berry: An Action Taker Who Can Take Your Cash Flow And Business To The Next Level Pronto!

Welcome to the Steve Jobs based Join Up Dots Podcast Interview with Denise O’Berry

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Denise O'Berry

Todays guest, joining us on the Join Up Dots Podcast Interview,  is the go to lady if you are inspired to take control of your life and create your own income producing business…..Denise O’Berry.

For over twenty years Denise worked for a large Fortune 500 company helping company leaders, departments and teams create and put their plans into action to make change happen.

In short she is an “action lady” who loves the thrill of inspiring others to take action and get things done.

But if we look at her history it has a similar tale to many entrepreneurs and self starters, where its clear that success hasn’t been achieved overnight.

Starting her first blog “Just For Small Business” way back in 2004 was just the first of her online Dots that can connect us to today.

This led to a relationship with her book publisher Wiley.com who published “Small Business Cash Flow: Strategies For Making Your Business A Financial Success, as they liked her knowledge, her style and believed there was a need for small business owners to manage their cash better.

So what more has she got on her plate ?

Well not just content at being a coach, author, and business owner, she has since November 2012 become a video star too.

As now you can find Denise O’Berry on you tube with her weekly online TV show the “Little Big Show” for business owners, giving great advice in small bite size chunks!

Her motto is “Absolutely Nothing. That’s Exactly What Will Happen If You Don’t Turn Your Great Ideas Into Action™ ” and even better…or at least I liked it her initials spell DO!

Well let’s bring onto the show to start joining up dots, as we discuss the words of Steve Jobs with the one and only Denise O’Berry.

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics such as:

What she finds most frustrating are people who “Wish” but then don’t “Do”!

Why it is so important to really know who you are serving on a daily basis!

How she took her leap of faith, but then realised how little she knew about what she was trying to do!

And lastly……

How she believes that we should find the one good thing, and just focus on that until success!

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