108: Devon Bandison: Teaches Us How To Change Our Lives And Conquer Fear

Welcome to the Steve Jobs based Join Up Dots Podcast Interview with Devon Bandison

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Todays guest, waiting to be interviewed on the Join Up Dots podcast, is Mr Devon Bandison, a father, keynote speaker, executive coach, community leader, entrepreneur and agent of change. 

He loves life, and loves providing as much value to the world and others as possible.

He believes that change can and should be made at grass roots levels, and has spent his whole career helping improve the lives of at risk youth and families throughout NYC.

He has worked with the largest non profit home care agencies in the country developing and managing programs focused on Fatherhood, Crisis Intervention, Education, Mental and Emotional Health.

But although that sounds like Devon wouldn’t have time to do anything else, he is also an active blogger on www.nowlegacy.com where he provides tools and techniques for all for us to achieve our best.

So how does he find time for all this, and still make time to come on the show today?

Well lets find out as we start joining up some dots with the one and only Devon Bandison

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics such as:

How a five minute conversation with guest number 53 Jason Womack in a corridor changed his life, and changed the direction he was travelling!

How when playing basketball he knew that he had to play with better players to improve, the same as he does in business!

How his biggest learnings in life was when he fell short of the goals he expected. His failings were a good thing!

How you must ask the question “Do you want to be the guy in the chair or the influencer of the guy in the chair?”!

How the three times in his life when he wasn’t nervous were the times that his performance felt flat….nerves are a great things if you control them!

And lastly……

If you are going to beat yourself up, then pick up a feather and put down the bat!

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