How Do You Find Opportunities In Your Business

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PodcastIn today’s solo show David Ralph answers a question sent through to him this week from a gentleman and also shares a post from his coaching group Dream Starters Academy.

Lets start with the question……..

Hi David
Firstly can i say thank you so much for all you are doing in the world today through your show.
I know it can’t be easy for you to maintain such an output.
I used to listen to Join Up Dots when you first started, and Ill be honest due to life commitments, children, work and everything else I stopped.
Not just listening to you, i hasten to add but to podcasts on a whole.
I found them an interruption to my business life, but now after a hiatus I have rediscovered them and was amazed to see that you weren’t just still going, but in fact seemed to be flourishing. So good on you pal.
Would you mind answering a question as it seems that you have got total focus as to your life, and arent pulled in directions that aren’t right for you or your business.
How do you decide on what opportunities are right for you, and are your chasing squirrels like so many people that are online today.
Ok that was two questions but if you get the chance to read and respond I would truly appreciate it
All the best and thanks again
Todd Doors
Maple Grove
And now for the post taken from the coaching group
Today we had a farewell party for a colleague who is leaving his super well paid job to start his own company.
When he said he‘s going to bake French bread in Mumbai, I thought at first: What???
How do you go from a business development and strategy position in a pharmaceutical company to baking bread?
But in his farewell speech he explained that he saw this job as a kind of startup (it was a new project) where he gained additional skills for his own business because his first real startup failed.
So I guess it can be really useful to go back into corporate to upskill yourself before jumping into a new adventure.
Dream Starters Academy

Of course as always you need to listen to the show to hear the answers….it is a podcast after all.

Thanks for listening




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