Johnson Emmanuel: Attract High Paying Clients Like Magic

Welcome to the Steve Jobs based Join Up Dots Free Podcast Interview with Johnson Emmanuel

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Johnson Emmaneul

My guest today, on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots free podcast interview is an a man who connected with me to request to be on the show.

And this request was very different from most pitches that come through to me that says “David, I should come on to your show as I created a business in my downstairs toilet, and within 30 minutes was making six figures per month!” 

No, No, No, that is not how it works, or at least not for the majority of the world, who decide that it is time to create their own income.

Our guest nailed it when he told me “David, the first time I tried starting a business, I thought one juju priest from Africa placed a ‘curse’ on me.

I failed at almost everything. I tried all the stuff the ‘gurus’ said I should. I blogged 7 times a day, promoted my blog post like crazy, I started a podcast, I created multiple infographics, I spent hours on social media,I wrote a book, I did cold email , I did influencer marketing, I did LinkedIn marketing, in fact, I did 1000’s of things.

I did everything NOT to fail but I failed WOEFULLY!

I learned something from my experience. Most of this self-acclaimed ‘gurus’ are ‘talkers’, they are not ‘doers’. What I did immediately was to stop taking advice from the ‘wrong’ people.

Most so called ‘gurus’ don’t even take their own advice.

So, I asked myself this question. ‘What makes the most important ‘thing’ in a business?’ I had to ask the right questions to get the solution to my ‘problem’.

And that friends is how it works.

You look for the 80/20 in your business, and then start solving others problems, and you are up and running. 

And that is what happened to our guest, and now he has a flourishing business called Clients Attraction where he shows the world 

1:  How To Package & launch High Ticket Program That Attracts Your Ideal clients

2: How To Consistently Attract & Close High Ticket Offers By Offering To Help People For Free, and…..

3: How To Build A Dynamic Marketing & Sales Funnel That Converts High Ticket Clients Consistently While Building Goodwill in your marketplace

And it seems that the juju priest from Africa, is a vague and distant memory, and things are only going to get better.

So did he ever think of stopping working on his business, and go back and get a job behind a desk somewhere?

And if he could go back in time, would he create the same business, or do something different now he knows what he knows?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots. with the one and only Johnson Emmanuel


Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics with Johnson Emmanuel such as:

Why it is so important to share your failures with the world as this gives you a story more powerful than your successes.

Why freedom is more important than money to Johnson, and why he works hard to ensure he maintains the ability to have the choices that he wants.

How he made a decision to follow three key players who could give him the answers to grow his business instead of looking everywhere.

Why it is so important to connect with yourself and understand totally what you are able to offer, before you connect with your customers.

and lastly….

Why we all need to realise the simple concept that to again success and true success takes money. It is not cheap to get.


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