John Vespasian: Connecting The Dots Into Lives Stepping Stones

Welcome to the Steve Jobs based Join Up Dots Free Podcast Interview with John Vespasian

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John VespasianToday’s guest, joining us today on the Join Up Dots podcast interview, was previously on the show back on episode 533 where we talked about learning to be unbreakable

Now he is back with a new book, and to be honest most of the time people ask to come on the show I refuse, as its all “Yeah in chapter five I talk about……”

Not what this show is about at all, but this new book by todays guest pricked my interest as it ties very much into the message behind Join Up Dots

It’s called Sequentiality, and it provides a simple, but highly prescription for personal development.

By means of real life examples will find how to gain the right sequence of steps towards your dreamlife…or as we say “How to join up the dots”

It has been proven through generations that have gone before us that it is better to let things naturally flow than to direct our focus with intention.

So with chapters like Your steps should be logical, not random, Let organic growth determine your steps, and you can figure out what steps to take next lets he is a dotsmeister for sure.

So why this subject in particular, and does he see patterns that occur time and time that have become more than obvious to him?

Well lets find out as without further a do, lets start joining up those dots with the and only Mr. John Vespasian 


Show Highlights

John shares why it is important to build your assets through your life, network, financial, health. They dont have to be balanced to be highly effective.

We discuss the life of Cassanova and discover how he spent years building up to the success he is now viewed as. True entrepreneurial spirit at its best.

How we should not try to force things but let them flow naturally for maximum effect in our lives.

And lastly……..

Why John writes his books upside down, and researches in a very different way to most authors in the world today. 


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