Happy Christmas Everybody From Join Up Dots

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PodcastTodays episode is a very short episode where David Ralph shares his Xmas greetings for 2018.

So where do you stand on this time of the year?

Do you think “Man, i achieved so much in the last twelve months!” or perhaps “God, another year done. Wheres’ it all gone?”

That is the problem that we face every single day and especially in the entrepreneurial world that we live in.

We rarely savour the moment, we always think about the highs and lows, the achievements and failures.

However, if we are truly honest with ourselves and reflect on the present then these thing’s dont make any difference at all.

They only lead us to a higher level of anxiety or depression as we keep on trying to achieve more and more.

Which is not good and can cause us not only financial issues but also health ones too.

In todays episode of Join Up Dots we not only say happy Christmas to you all, but we also say today of all days is about the now.

Savour the now, savour your family and savour the gift that the world is giving you and everything else can wait until tomorrow.

Happy Christmas everybody.

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