77: John Williams: Shows Us How To Screw Work Lets Play!

Welcome to the Steve Jobs based Join Up Dots Podcast Interview with Mr John Williams 

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john-williamsTodays guest, joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast interview is Mr John Williams, a self confessed Creative Maverick and believes that there is a better way for us to do things and earn a living.

After being in corporate land in the UK for many years, working for such companies as Deloitte, John Williams quit his job with the firm intention to never work again.

He wanted to create a world that in the words of Richard Branson “I don’t think of work as work, and play as play its all living”.

And John is anything but a man of his word, as since then he has written  the bestselling book “Screw Work Let’s Play: How to do what you love & get paid for it” and is now working on his second one.

And whilst he isn’t pounding away at the keyboard he has found the time to build his own 6-figure business around his programmes including the Screw Work Let’s Play 30 Day Challenge showing 300 people around the world how to find a money-making idea they love and launch it in 30 days, and the Screw Work Academy where he teaches people everything they need to create their own 6-figure business.

So lets waste no more time, and start joining up dots with the one and only, Mr John Williams

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics with Tom such as:

How we all have self limiting thoughts when starting anything new that are quite wrong. We need to believe and take risk and start creating!

How only one type of frog across the globe makes the sound “Rebbit, Rebbit” and where you find them!

How he quit his job but then didn’t earn any money for over three months, and how he dealt with the fear of his actions!

How he inspires the world to create in his 30 day challenge, and how you the listener can take part!

How he signed onto a psychotherapy course, even though he didn’t have enough annual leave to take part, therefore forcing himself to quit his job!

And lastly………..

How he believes that the safe choice is no longer safe, and there is no job for life anymore!

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