124: Jonny Andrews: How To Get An Audience In Double Quick Time

Welcome to the Steve Jobs based Join Up Dots Podcast Interview with Mr Jonny Andrews. 

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Jonny-andrewsTodays guest joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast interview, is Mr Jonny Andrews who has a story that is fascinating for so many reasons.

Number one due to the hustle that he has shown.

Number two how it seemed that life was simply using him as a skittle and throwing obstacles after obstacles in his direction.

The kind of obstacles that for many would be the end of the dreams, and desires for a better life.

When he hit the age of 27, he knew that he had to take action in his life.

He was fat, broke and miserable and living a life that was far from what he wanted it to be.

So he started working twice as hard on a real estate business that would net him a nice amount of passive income each month.

Not life changing as such, but still more than enough to start focusing on his next dreams.

And that is where it all went wrong, as after a years hard work, and almost touching dream of the monthly income, he received a message saying that he had defaulted on his mortgage and everything went south.

So what did he do to pull himself out of this hole that was not of his making?

How did he not think “See that’s why life is so rubbish” and just give up, and go back to being fat, broke and unhappy?

Well, lets find out, as its with delight that I bring on to he show to start joining up the dots of his life, the successful podcaster, online marketer, hustle monster, and ex-fat guy…Mr Jonny Andrews

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics such as:

The type of words he learnt when living in Aberdeen Scotland for awhile…..yep I was shocked!

How due to being adopted Jonny Andrews always felt that he was wired differently from the rest of his family!

How he earnt his first million and then spent $55,000 on a kitchen for a friend (I would like him as my friend!)

How he tried online marketing many, many times before he made it work for him!

And lastly……

How he was once homeless, living in his office, but still cranking out the work everyday even when things seemed more than bleak!

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