156: Leo Prince: A Man Creating A Tune Of His Own And Inspiring The World

Welcome to the Steve Jobs based Join Up Dots Free Podcast Interview with Mr Leo Prince 

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Todays guest, joining us on the Join Up Dots free podcast interview is Mr Leo Prince, someone that from the very beginning of launching the Join Up Dots series has been my target guest.

A listener who from listening to the shows, and taking a huge amount of action in a very short time, has started on the road to success and living the dream life they crave.

We all hear the stories, and tales of the successful in life who overcome so much and come out at the other end living the dream, but how powerful is it to hear about someone who is just a few steps along the path from us.

The kind of person who might yet to have transitioned from the 9-5, but now has a firm idea of what they want and what they need to do to achieve it.

And Leo Prince is certainly that kind of person.

He contacted me at first by email, due to the content that he had heard on episode 70, and asked to have a chat, which I of course was grateful to do. And not for one minute do I think that I was the catalyst for where he is today, but it meant that he took action.

He made a decision on what he needed to do, and did it.

And that was just the start, and now from his hometown of Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom, he is just about to launch his first Music Seminar on the 8th of November 2014, which he hopes will be a day that will inspire, expand minds and show that you don’t have to be stuck in a rut with music production.

The line up of speakers are some of the most innovative experts in production and the music business, and all attendees will have a whole day to absorb their knowledge, learn new skills, participate in Q & A sessions, and learn the methods to work efficiently and get their art noticed.

So he is really putting himself out, taking a risk, but working dam hard to make sure that the road he is on, becomes the road he was born to walk.

So its with great honour, to bring onto the show to start joining up dots the one and only, Join Up Dots listener….and now my friend Mr Leo Prince.







Show Highlights

During the show we discussed with Leo Prince such weighty topics such as:

How he loves to go out and smell vinyl records….yes, really I know that’s a bit weird but that’s what he does!

How he believes you have to visualise what you want from something and then start working towards it….but have the vision first!

How it doesn’t matter if the work you are doing is imperfect as you then improve upon it in the future!

How it often doesn’t take a long time to get people to buy into your vision as long as you have a passion and a vision, and share both! 

And lastly…..

How Rick Astley is the only name that should be on the second Music seminar that he is bringing to the world!

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