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PodcastIn todays episode we answer a few questions from listeners of the show.

These are the shows that we simply adore doing, as it shows us that people are starting to take notice and realise that they can create their own lives.

And that is of course the theme behind everyone of our shows.

Well in todays we show, we discuss affiliate marketing and how to get into a state of flow.

You know that state of being when you lose track of time, and find that whatever you do comes out brilliantly?

The state that is just amazing and makes us feel like we are no longer attached to this world?

Well, Bruce Fortenberry from Georgia Atlanta asked us our views about how we manage to get into that mental condition so we decided we would answer live on the show.

But before that lets start with a question from a lovely lady called Bree Nicole who asked us:


Hello! I just listened to your podcast on extra money and your Florida keys website and got super inspired!

I’ll be living on the road in the US and want to design a site.

Can you give me a little more information on affiliate marketing?

How does it work with restaurants, attractions, museums and all that?

Do I contact them directly?

What should I start with when getting these things and places on my site to make money? Thank you! Any tips would be great!

So that is what we talk about on the show.

How to make money by directing traffic across to affiliate links to make some cash whilst we sleep

and then we answer another question or at least give our point our view on.

This was from Bruce who we mentioned earlier

Hello there, I wanted to thank you for your podcast.

I recently discovered your podcast and it’s extremely motivating.

Your very perceptive and it’s eye opening at times. Makes me want to discuss my ideas with you.

I’m starting a service Plumbing business in Atlanta, Ga. Calling it “Plumb Ready.” Right now it’s a side hustle.

I’ll do residential plumbing repairs / Plumbing Inspections with strong emphasis on educating customer about how to protect their home.

I have a great idea for you. If I were you I’d do podcast about the “Flow State” Just a thought.

Your show isn’t arrogant or fake. It’s connecting people in an amazing way. Thanks again !!


During the show we mentioned the affiliate programme that we offer through the Join Up Dots podcast.

If you are interested in this amazing resource or to start podcasting yourself:


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Affiliate Programme: http://podcastersmastery.com/jv/


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