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PodcastWhen it comes to living the dream, do you ever stop and consider whether the life you are living is actually the life that you really want to be living?

Do you consider that you can get bigger and bigger achievements in your life (and actually beat yourself up because your not)

Well that is what’s today’s episode of Join Up Dots is all about as you will hear.

This all came about, after I got told by a businessman that when asked “How are you doing?” and getting the reply from myself of “Yeah great living the dream” he stated.

“David if you think you are living the dream it’s only because you aren’t dreaming big enough!”

So how do you start living the dream if you are already 100% believing that you already have the dream?

Is being content and happy enough or are we letting ourselves down?

Well, I think that being content and happy is one of the most amazing states that you can achieve in your life. It may not seem sexy and inspirational but it is amazing.

Waking up without any stresses and pressures. Knowing that you can pay all your bills with no issue at all. Feeling healthy and fit.

Is that not the best way of being, or is living the dream our right to work harder and harder to gain more and more.

I really don’t have the right answer to this, as I suppose living the dream is so personal to each and everyone of us, we should never be told by others whether it is right or wrong.

We should look deep into our hearts and know if we are being true to ourselves or not.

We should look at what we have around us, and think “Is this making me happy or is it just more stuff to maintain and nurture?”

Let us know by dropping us  a line, so we can see how many of our listeners are living the dream and how many of them or simply helping others to live the dream as they struggle through on their own.

Thanks for reading

David Ralph






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