145: Mary Marshall: A Lady With A Desire To Make Us Find Our Strengths

Welcome to the Steve Jobs based Join Up Dots Free Podcast Interview with Mary Marshall

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Mary-MarshallTodays guest, joining us on the Join Up Dots free podcast interview is a lady who has been showing the businesses of the world how to get unstuck and prosper in a turbulent world.

Since being nominated by the U.S. Small Business Administration this year for outstanding achievement, she was in the perfect position to deliver to the world the book Putting Together the Entrepreneurial Puzzle: The Ten Pieces Every Business Needs to Succeed

As she says “I like putting things together, figuring things out, for me it’s the puzzle aspect that I enjoy most about business.”

But her own life has been a bit of a puzzle too, and isn’t that what makes a life?

Originally she entered business as the manager of a family owned scuba diving shop in Oregon. 

She was 23, and had no business training in any shape or form.

You might say Mary Marshall was wet to business.

Or she was out of her depth……you see what I did there?

And added to the mix the issues that come when raising children, going through a divorce and struggling for money, she had one thing that pulled her through.

And that was her determination to make her life a success.

So roll on 30 years, and with awards, a successful business and a history of helping others do the same, what are the talents that she has which she feels are lacking across the globe?

And how did she keep going on the dark nights when everything seemed to be going in the wrong direction?

Well let’s bring onto the show to start joining up dots, as we discuss the words of Steve Jobs in todays Free podcast, with the one and only Mary Marshall

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed with Mary Marshall such weighty topics such as:

How she realised early on that if she didn’t focus on the obstacles and issues that she encountered she would just keep on repeating them time and time again…so learn from your mistakes!

How people are so happy when they are in an area of strength, and should actively seek to discover the things that they can do more easily  than anyone else!

How Mary Marshall had no strategy in her life and more often than not just went with the flow. And wasn’t she glad she was flexible when opportunities came her way!

The reasons why people have two directions they will move in during their life….passion and pain, and how sometimes they will move towards the wrong one!

And lastly……

Why she loves to lead people in her coaching programmes to water, but make them so thirsty that when they get there they drink. Quench the thirst and overcome the fear and you have made progress! 

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