109: Michael Jacobs: A Man Who Consciously Asks The Question “Why Am I Here” Everyday

Welcome to the Steve Jobs based Join Up Dots Podcast Interview with Mr Michael Jacobs. 

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Todays guest joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast interview is Mr Michael Jacobs, someone that I have wanted to have on the show for quite awhile.

In fact since the very first episodes of Join Up Dots were released.

But due to him hitting his stride, travelling through South America, and generally having a kick ass life I only get to speak to him now.

But hey, doesn’t that just add more dimensions to a life that is already perfect for a show like mine.

Michael Jacobs is a man who is inspired to find the true definition of “Consciousness” and how we can all become more conscious to build a better life for ourselves.

He wants us to overcome the self limiting fears that root us to the spot, and instead focus on the “Go Getter” mentality, which is the way to create the success that we all want, and of course he is living.

So how did he get to the point in his life when he realised that mind-set was the key to everything?

How did he find travelling through the jungles of South America, without WIFI, Starbucks and all the other comforts that we rely on daily?

And why did he feel the need to shave off all his hair recently?

Well let’s bring onto the show to start joining up dots, as we discuss the words of Steve Jobs with the one and only Mr Michael Jacobs

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics such as:

How all through his life he feels that he has always been thinking differently from others, and why it took him years to accept this!

How we should not compare ourselves to others as we will quite often stop ourselves before we even start!

The reasons why Michael Jacobs went to India and what he found to be the truth in his life when there!

Why he believes in setting intentions and not goals in his life, and how to realise the difference!

And lastly……

How happiness is quite often defined when the expectations we set do not meet the realities that we achieve!

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