Mistakes Lead To Small Business Success If You Are Brave Enough To Make Them

Welcome to the Steve Jobs based Join Up Dots podcast, where today’s episode is a question and answer session. 

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In todays episode of Join Up Dots, your host David Rlah answers questions posed by listeners across the world.

Some of them are deep whilst some of them are reasonably lighthearted, but all with the same underlying theme.

How To Make Mistakes In Business And Be Ok With Them

Question One:

David, thank you so much for the show. I love it. Do you ever wish that you had started a different business, as I think at my core I am frightened of starting something in case I make a mistake and end up hating it. – Michaela Matthews, Toulouse, France

Hello to all at Join Up Dots, i recently heard an episode where you answered listeners questions so I thought I would try to get one answered myself. I hate my life and for the longest time have felt in total despair that nothing good is ever going to happen to me. But after listening to many of your shows I am starting to change the way I think about the darkness. Both you and your guests have spoken about the bad times being the good times in the end. I think I can see that is true. So how can I make this small change in the way I think bigger and bigger, as its the key I feel – Peter Druboivs, Pula, Croatia

Hello David, my question is about that clip that you play when Oprah speaks about “Doing The Right Next Thing”. If I am getting this right, she says be quiet, listen to your thoughts and then go and conquer. Surely if it is that easy then everyone would be a success. Thoughts? – Damion Dansey, Ontario Canada,

And now if you have been following along with the show, you will have head me mention numerous times about a lovely lady who is connecting with the show called Derek.

We call her Derek. so that her bosses, if they happen to listen to the show, wont know its her.

Yeah, i know we do too much.

However Derek is in the process of reading self development, listening to podcasts, and planning how she can create a business that rocks, whilst at the same time supporting her partner and her lifestyle and she is a bit lost as to how to proceed.

Now there isn’t anyway that she can just go crazy and do the leap of faith, so a strategic plan is needed to allow her to side hustle her way to earning additional income and growing that confidence.

Business is nothing more than, finding something you can do amazingly well, and that others need and will pay for….and then getting them to know about it after all.

Well this week, Derek posted in the FB group a statement of success that made me sit and up and take notice.

She advised us “What’s crazy is less than a year ago I started a band – I had zero idea what I was doing. None whatsoever. I just know that I can sing and I started networking and contacting people I had no business contacting being a brand new band and we started making decent headway. I’m floored by the success we’ve seen with the minimal effort I’ve put into it. Why I doubt myself in other arenas is beyond me”

Isn’t that amazing…she has already created success, by doing all the right things already.

Now its time for her to replicate that format to gain more success again.


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