Podcast 535: Stephanie Keenan: Tackling The Ultimate Challenge

Stephanie KeenanToday’s guest joining us on the Join Up Dots Steve Jobs inspired podcast is a lady who has made very happy.

As this is the second time I have had the pleasure of grilling her on the show, as she last appeared back on episode 208, where we talked about her rise to the top of the fitness industry from a starting point that was more than a bit unusual.

Yep, that’s all i’m saying, so you will have to go back and listen to that one to find out her unusual past occupations.

So when she connected with me again and said “David, have I got more dots to share with you and your listeners” then I knew it was going to be good stuff.

And it as this is a lady that is tackling one of the hardest fitness courses the world has scene “The Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge” created by Jo De Sena who also appeared on the show back on episode 312

And the big question to this desire to get down, muddy and sweaty is why?

She is a beautiful lady, has a great business that is rocking and rolling, has clients across the world, and could stay in her comfort zone quite happily.

But she doesn’t want to.

She wants to prove herself and go after bigger and bigger challenges, which really joins up the dots to our first interview.

As this is not your usual uber glamorous fitness guru.

But this is a lady will drive, commitment and passion to do the unusual.

To create her own path,

And to go to bed each night content to know that she has given it her very best.

So what was the appeal of going onto the hit TV show “Spartan Ultimate Challenge”?

And did she discover things about herself that were a complete surprise, or only cement what she already knew?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Stephanie Keenan.


Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty subjects with Stephanie Keenan such as:

Why she got to the point of her life, when she realised that doing the stuff purely for the sake of it was not making her happy any-more and what she did about it.

How so many people will see the work you are putting into your business, and just see dollars signs right from the beginning……wow, how wrong they can be?

Why if there is someone who is too educated and spending too much time doing research, Stephanie feels that they should stop immediately and simply take action.

And lastly……..

Why she believes totally that at her heart she is totally uncomfortable being uncomfortable in her life and has to take bigger and bigger action everyday. 


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