Podcast 537: Yuri Elkaim: Teaching The World How To Be Healthy

Yuri ElkaimToday’s guest entrepreneur joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots podcast interview is a man who has been through so much that you would think that a smile wouldn’t be permanently attached to his face.

But attached it is, and it seems to be getting bigger everyday too.

You see this is a guy who found his path to success, fulfilment and enjoyment in such a dark place that it is testament to the truth “The real gift is waiting within”

As he says “For nearly two decades of my early life, there was always something wrong with me. I was dead tired and suffered from an avalanche of health problems. I endured all of this even though I was an athletic and supposedly fit young man.

I tried to ignore it, tucking it all under a rug, but eventually there came a day when I decided enough was enough. And it was all because of this one fateful event…

It was late one Wednesday night in the middle of March, a few days before my 17th birthday. I had just returned home from soccer practice, but I was even more of a mess than usual…”

You see he had finally come to the acceptance that there was something wrong within, that not only would change his outward appearance dramatically, but also threaten his life dream of becoming professional footballer forever.

He had found his biggest challenge, one that would take him to the brink, before he managed to step onto the first part of the path, that would lead him to where he is today.

A New York Times best selling author and one of the most trusted health experts in the world, appearing on TV and radio across the world.

So how did he beat the physical issues, when he also had to tackle the mental issues that made his teenage years so difficult too?

And does he feel that this is 100% what he should be doing with his life, or is he simply waking towards the bigger path, waiting patiently for him?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Yuri Elkaim.


Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty subjects with Yuri Elkaim such as:

Why outsourcing work is such a vital part of gaining huge success in your life. And how you have to be honest which part of your work is not bringing about the greatest reward for your time.

How he remembers always having the entrepreneurial spirit in his life, and would go door to door looking for income opportunities, whether washing cars, or polishing shoes.

Why positioning yourself in a popular arena, but then being unique to yourself and your content delivery is such an amazing way to gain quicker success.  Trust your instincts to be different.

And lastly…….

Why it is so important to position your products to solve your customers pain points. Gain feedback from your ideal customer and then find a solution for their woes.


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