Podcast 572: Join Up Dots Live From Spain – Why Do We All Copy What’s Been Done Before?

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Today’s episode is a soloshow as your host David Ralph is on location in Spain.

So in this episode he discusses why is it in life that so many people decide that they are going to do something new and exciting, and then quite simply copy what has been done before?

We see so many times that the world fails to grasp that the easiest way to success is by finding the thing that they love doing and then building a business around this.

It is the absolute quickest route, as when things get hard, the love will push you through the tough times.

The ability to want to do it more and more (just because you want to do it) is the key to it all.

And so in this episode of Join Up Dots, your friendly neighbourhood host live from Spain, shares his feelings on what we should do to make things happy in our lives.




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