Podcast: Natural Born Coaches Meets Join Up Dots

Welcome to the Steve Jobs based Join Up Dots Free Podcast Interview with David Ralph the host of Join Up Dots

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Natural Born CoachesTodays episode of Join Up Dots is a very unusual one, as for only the second time in our history there is a different host of the episode.

In today’s show the amazing host of Natural Born Coaches, Marc Mawhinney allows us to share an interview he recorded recently with myself.

Yes, your friendly neighbourhood podcaster David Ralph was grilled by the main man regarding what I have done in my life to create a global hit show.

You see most podcasters spend a ton of time sitting infront of their pc’s either tweeting, adding content on FB, and a ton of different promotion.

It’s a total killer and for many podcasters it signals the end of their show and the desire for global domination.

On Join Up Dots the amount of time that we spend creating the show has gone down and down, to just three days per month due to scheduling systems and social media rules.

What I hear you cry?

Join Up Dots only takes three days per month, how is this possible.

Well the same with every job in the world, you can choose to do the things that brings the greatest results and forget the things that don’t.

Which we like to call the sweet spot, or said in another way the 80/20 principle.

This is where you only focus on the things that work for you, as long as you can find those things.

And guess what….we know these things….BIG TIME.

So on today’s show you will hear everything from using Itunes for maximum effect, setting up email rules, and holding back from client calls to name just a few things.

I hope you enjoy the show, as it was a delight to spend more time with the one and only Mr Marc Mawhinney, and a delight to show you behind the scenes of Join Up Dots.


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