119: Sepehr Tarverdian: A Man Who Looks For Value & Passion In Everything He Does

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Sepehr TarverdianToday guest is a man who when it comes to talking literally has the world at his feet.

A motivational speaker, coach and author he speaks on his own successes of turning a $5000 company into a $5.000.000 company in only 5 years, how he attracted big reputable sponsors, and more importantly “ how to run a Successful event”

Growing up in Tehran, he first began work at the age of 19 as the first interpreter to the former Iranian President, which led him to meeting up with many Presidents, heads of states, and Prime ministers, as he travelled the world from South Africa, to Malaysia, From Dubai to London, and from Paris to Tokyo.

This must have been an amazing experience and of course an incredible learning curve to go through?

So how did he limit the fears that we all have when going into room after room of high achievers, and dignitaries?

And how do you get to be create a speaking brand, and achieve so much success whilst staying true to yourself and your authentic path?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up some dots, the one and only Mr Sepher Tarverdian

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics such as:

How there is no retirement for lovers of their work, they just keep on going and going!

How he believes that the infants of the world need a path to follow early on, and we can teach them to follow their passions!

What we all need is a life where vocation becomes vacation, and gives our body a chance to rest and recover!

How the more you give the more you get in life, so start giving with an open hand!

How any success will give you the gift of an obstacle to overcome!

And lastly……

The three questions that he asks himself everyday, starting with “Do I have to be a victim or a victor?” ( you will have to listen to get the other two nuggets of gold)

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