Solo Show: How To Have Fun In Your Life No Matter What

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Having Fun EverydayOn todays show we discuss fun and how you can bring fun into your life, even when you think that there is no chance.

You might be working in a factory.

You might be working in a stuff office environment, when the last thing that the boss wants is you to have fun, when business needs to be dealt with.

All of us want to have fun.

But what does this mean, exactly?

For some people, for example, fun is about getting wasted by taking drugs, drinking alcohol, or maybe just staying up very late at night.

Fun is making the task you are doing as enjoyable as possible by being playful, creative and foolish.

What we mean is fun is learning how to enjoy wherever you are and whatever you are doing, no matter how stupid it seems to be.

This is a hard one for many people, but it is a key to having fun. 

 The idea is to make anything fun, no matter how weird or dumb it is, if you look at it right.  

You don’t have to go anywhere, get drunk, or do anything like that to have fun.  

That is the key here.

You can be humorous, upbeat, positive and happy no matter what other people choose around you.  

They can all be depressed and sad, and you can have a different attitude.  

This creates fun in anyone, in any situation.

You can see the humor.  You can see that people are strange, but not freak out or space out like most people do in this situation.

Now, if someone or something is definitely making you very unhappy, then try to change the situation, go home, go away, do something else to change it as best you can.

But for anything you do in life, you can certainly have fun and enjoy the process.

And why, my friends I ask you would you not to do just that?


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