Solo Show: Why You Shouldn’t Be An Entrepreneur…But Really You Should

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Don't Be An EntrepreneurSo you want to be an entrepreneur but you are too scared that you don’t have the skills to be one?

Well thats not a surprise after all. as an entrepreneur is a super powerful individual that has skills that the normal man just cant possess.

They need less sleep than you and me.

They don’t even need to stop and eat like you and I do.

They are the supreme beings, controllers of their own destiny and able to cast a shadow across the world and the rest of us.

That is of course the perception of what an entrepreneur is, or at least so many people want you to think that….but it’s rubbish.

And entrepreneur at its heart, is someone who is willing to try to do something. Accept failure. Accept risk, and go again.

These are super powers by any stretch of the imagination.

These are things that we all posses, if want to posses them.

They are in all of us.

I’ll give you an example…..and this example is going to be about me the host of Join Up Dots.

When I started the show, all I could do was turn on the microphone and talk.

And even that small action I had to learn.

Did I call myself an entrepreneur?

Of course I didn’t as I didn’t know the first thing about it.

But I knew how to take a risk and give something a go.

I knew how to minimise the downside and try to maximize the upside (in this case not spend a lot to get going, but try to make some cash as some as possible)

And that is what I have done, and little by little I am making more cash and having a lovely life.

Now not for one moment would I call myself an entrepreneur.

What I would call myself is someone who is willing to have a go, and work hard at something.

No super powers at all, just pure, down to earth work ethic and persistence.

So if you dont think you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, dont be one.

Call yourself anything but give it a go, and you will be amazed at what you achieve in your life.


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