45: Thai Ngyuen: A Man Living The Dream Whilst Crushing It Online

Welcome to the Steve Jobs based Join Up Dots Podcast Interview with Thai Ngyuen

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Thai NgyuenIf you think that you need to start your journey of discovery and fulfilment from a privileged position or its never going to work then think again.

Todays guest joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast interview is Mr Thai Ngyuen, who started his journey and I guess life in quite an unusual place, and it certainly was with no entitlement.

Born in Vietnam, he was then taken to live in a refuge camp in Indonesia, before moving again to Australia, where he resides today.

He has overcome challenges both financially and physically, with incredible persistence and commitment.

He has played Rugby at the National Championship in Canada, competed in Thai Boxing at International level, worked as a Professional Chef at a 5-Star Hotel, and even run a small food business.

Thai Ngyuen, has completed a Bachelor of Humanities degree from The College At Southwestern in Fort Worth, Texas and is currently doing a Masters Degree.

If that isn’t impressive enough, then this man who seems to be born with an inherent talent to take action, has created his own website entitled the Wantrepreneur journey.com, where he encourages his readers and listeners to strive to find their unique self.

As he says in his own words “I believe that everything you do in life is either an expression of who you truly are or a distraction from who you truly are. Discovering who you truly are is the burning question in everyone’s soul.”

Well let’s bring onto the show to start joining up dots, as we discuss the words of Steve Jobs with the one and only Thai Nguyen.

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics such as:

How his name is also a province in Vietnam!

How humans try to hold themselves back with limiting self beliefs….often provided by the people that love us the most!

How he remembers the moment when he realized what his true path was in life….and how he had to take action on it!

Why successful people are so eager to help others lower down to achieve the success that they have experienced!

And lastly……

How the great comedian Steve Martin has advice that we should all follow in everything that we do!

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