Tom Rubens: How To Start A Business Coaching

Welcome to the Steve Jobs based Join Up Dots Free Podcast Interview with Tom Rubens

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PodcastMy guest today, on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots free podcast interview is with a man who believes that the work life balance is something we should go after.

After over 40 years of owning and operating his own businesses, he is keenly aware of the challenges facing small business owners.

In his 40 years of diverse experience in business, he founded a commodity trading company, a real estate brokerage and assembled investment groups that raised
millions of dollars to buy minor league baseball and basketball franchises.

Much like other entrepreneurs and business owners, he has lost sleep over meeting/missing payroll, struggled to repair a (self-inflicted) damaged culture, and experienced
the extreme highs and lows that come with the territory.

And through the hardship and the ups and downs he found a better way of operating, and things are very different today.

Now he is a business coach and expert in corporate culture and strategy and through his coaching practice, The Accountability Factor, he helps businesses increase revenue and productivity, and manage relationships and collaborations while living harmonious lives.

He also leads MasterCoach Forum, a mastermind for elite coaches committed to accountability, collaboration, community, and business growth.

So how did he find his place after such a diverse career?

And are there commonalities that he has developed throughout that has led him to the right place?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Tom Rubens.


Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics with Tom Rubens  such as:

Tom shares how he feels that the middle classes in America are being lost, and instead being replaced by the have’s and have’s not.

Tom reveals how he took steps to self-sabotage his business, even though it was the greatest thing ins his life at that time.

We reveal how the true path to someones future is always with us. We dont have to go far, we just have to start within our heart.

and lastly….

We discuss how the world of business can operate in a state of harmony, as long as you go actively looking for that harmony.


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