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We don’t teach you how to podcast like other podcast coaching.

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Everybody wants to know what it takes to create a hit podcast like Join Up Dots.

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"I ended up reading this cover to cover in one go. Loved it. Such a simple and easy to digest format.

There is no fluff and the some of the advice is the EXACT opposite of what I’ve heard from others.

Learning what you should do from a massively successful podcaster is so valuable...but even more valuable is understanding what you DON’T need to bother with to be a success.

This book will keep you focused, inspired and remove any barriers that are keeping you from creating a winning podcast."
Mark Egan
Host Of Mobile Journalism Show

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How To Grow Your Authority & Business By Creating
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Have you ever wondered why some podcasts rise to the top of the charts effortlessly, whilst others languish in nowhere land.

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The kind of conversations that go viral, getting thousands and thousands daily with very little effort?

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Today its 100% about having a personal brand

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Today it is about showing your real-self.

The mistakes, the struggles, the bad hair days.

Today its about podcasting…end of story.

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