How To Sponsor The Join Up Dots Podcast

Sponsorship Of Join Up Dots

Welcome to the sponsorship home of the Join Up Dots podcast.

Join Up Dots is a top ranked business podcast listened to in over 187 countries worldwide, with thousands of listeners everyday.

It targets, small business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and mid sized corporations.

It is presently ranked as the #1 one motivational podcast in iTunes on Earth with an increasing listenership month by month.

Why Your Company Needs To Be Heard On Join Up Dots

Nowadays it has never been easier to get your product or company in front of a huge buying audience and that is due to the podcast.

The listening figures since 2012 have gone up and up and up, and more and more companies are seeing the advantage of getting themselves on evergreen podcasts.

Let’s start with some facts first of all which makes sponsoring a podcast a no brainer:
  • Unlike Radio and TV the podcast stays live for as long as the show remains in existence. Would you want to pay for a five minute slot that comes and goes in an instant or a podcast that can be listened to for years?
  • 1 in 5 Americans prioritise listening to a podcast in their busy schedules. People fit a podcast around their busy lives which make it perfect for maximising advertising revenue.
  • 61% of podcast listeners report buying something they heard about on a podcast. Why would you not want these kind of figures coming to your business?
  • In 2012, 1.6 billion podcast episodes were downloaded, in 2015 3.3 billion and it’s increasing every year.

Apply To Showcase Your Business On The Join Up Dots Podcast

Simply fill out the form below and one of our team will connect with you to discuss your requirements and explain how it will work going forward.

Please note we do not accept every request, so if you do not hear back from us at this moment of time you will have been unsuccessful in sponsoring the show.

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