149: Jeet Banerjee: A Man Who Knew He Couldn’t Be An Employee So Created His Own Life

Welcome to the Steve Jobs based Join Up Dots Free Podcast Interview with Mr Jeet Bannerjee. 

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Today’s guest, joining us on the Join Up Dots free podcast interview is Jeet Banerjee a man who seems a person born to be an entrepreneur, although like many of us he forgot this was the case, and meandered without direction for quite awhile.

As a young boy of nine, he became fascinated by the worldwide web and the possibilities that it offered.

He was stimulated by the constantly changing online landscape, and so went into business creating his first website “Powerdunk”

He had taken entreprenurial action and dived headfirst into the online world.

However he didn’t then become a CEO of his own company, hiring and firing adults, webdevelopers and other employees with abandon.

Instead Jeet Banerjee quickly forgot his blossoming business, and became what we would say “A normal kid”.

Fun and mischief was the order of the day, and would have continued if his parents hadn’t insisted that he entered the family business to earn a dollar or two, and this parental push turned out to be the making of him.

He learnt so many things, such as sales, invoicing, marketing to name just a few whilst working for his parents, it was a masterclass in entrepreneurial ventures.

But the most important lesson, was not something taught, but something that he discovered deep within himself.

He hated being an employee and working for someone else.

And that realisation took him back to his nine year old self, and the entrepreneur that he was born to be resurfaced and he has never looked back.

And now after creating and selling businesses, and coaching others as to the steps it takes to win online, he has found his true path in life.

So does he look back to Powerdunk and think “Man I could have created something astonishing!”

Did he struggle with telling his parents that he didn’t want to work with them anymore?

Well lets find out as I bring onto the show, to start joining up dots, the one and only Jeet Banerjee.

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed with Jeet Banerjee such weighty topics as:

How he took 10 – 20 jobs within a two year period and knew that he was not happy and had to do something to bring happiness into his life.

How he started with creating a list of what he liked and knew that he could do wen he started his entrepreneurial life…..seems a simple but effective way of doing it!

How he believes that finding your own voice in the work you produce is really so much easier than trying to pretend you are someone else!

How he wrote to Neil Patel as a 17 year old, even though he never once thought that he would receive a response!

And Lastly………..

How you should always put in effort no matter what you do, even though you might hate doing it……..there are experiences to be gained in everything!

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