313: Derek Rydall: Shows Us How To Be The Hamster In Life

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Derek-Rydall-siteTodays guest is someone who I’ll be honest I didn’t realise his backstory when I first knew that he was going to be a guest on the show.

I had seen his name as someone who believes that he can radically change all of our lives, so I had an impression of him simply being another life coach.

But how about when I tell you that although he is rocking and rolling and doing great work in the world of changing mind-set, and increasing positivity in his client lives, he is also an American screenwriter, screenplay consultant, script doctor, author and amazingly, at least it was to me, as stuntman too.

And it seems that the last role was one of his “Big Dots” that truly was the starting point to him becoming who he is today, as after a life-changing “brush with death” while making a movie, he left the stunt business and considered becoming a monk, then a minister, until instead he hid himself away  in his apartment without TV or news and meditated for several years.

He emerged to become a licensed integrative therapist, best-selling author, and he actually adopted a monk, no not a monkey but an actual monk which is of course another story.

So what was his passion when he was a small child, and was it ore closely linked to who he is now, or that of who he was?

And where does he see this movement of people looking for self-belief going, as it seems bigger than it has ever been?

Well Lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Derek Rydall.

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics as:

How he recalls sending “Love Bombs” to his teenage friends, which he couldn’t stop himself from doing (even if they weren’t too sure of his motives at the time)

How as adults we need to find an embrace our inner child, to discover the true enjoyment that life holds for us everyday.

How we all suffer pain in life, that is evitable. But enduring suffering is a simply choice. We can decide how we want to fee if we truly make our minds up.

How we have no other choice than to stay the course and finish the journey to see for ourselves the true goal that we were aiming for.

And lastly……..

How his Father believed that Pearl jam was something you spread on toast, which is more than a bit amusing!

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